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One of the most heartbreaking things is to catch a spouse cheating  on you. Trust me it has recently happened to me and it was  the most devastating things I’ve ever had to deal with. You’re first reaction is to think, ‘did I do something to cause this!’ This and many other emotions overwhelm you when you finally prove that your husband is cheating. Below is a heart wrenching video showing a cheater being confronted in the act.

Here are some of the ways you can catch you husband having an affair. Before you begin collecting evidence for signs of an affair from a cheating husband I recommend documenting all of the suspicious circumstances in a journal.

cheating spouseWrite down the reasons you have to doubt him, as well as each instance that seemed out of the ordinary. Compiling your thoughts onto paper in this way will help you think clearer and avoid missing important details as you go along.

Writing down any license plate numbers, unusual phone numbers, dates, names of people, places your spouse has recently mentioned can be useful later on if your suspicion of an  affair proves correct. Evidence such as pictures or video of your husband meeting women or going into a hotel can be valuable in future divorce proceedings. You can never have enough proof,  so until you are ready to confront your husband make sure to store all evidence in a safe place where he will not be able to access it.

Now that you have sorted out the details you will be ready to create a plan of action. You have a number of different options available to you such as spying, monitoring his computer, reverse phone look up for suspicious numbers, and many others.

Does your husband leave and go out for extended periods of time? If your husband is saying he’s staying late at the office,  going to the mall, or visiting friends, it may be a good idea to check up on him without him knowing. Is there a way to see if he’s really there without drawing attention to yourself. You don’t want it to seem like you are not being trusting, and you don’t want to alert him that you have suspicions. So calling his office or driving over there to see if his car is parked at the office may be a way to settle some doubts.

If you decide to resort to spying on your potentially cheating partner it’s important to maintain your distance. You don’t want to alert them that you are on to there cheating ways until you have the definitive proof you need.

One thing to be especially mindful of when pursuing a cheater is your surroundings. Unfortunately, many cheaters frequent dangerous areas because they don’t wish to run into anyone they know. This can potentially put you in dangerous situations if you’re not careful. Always watch your surroundings and never get in a situation in which you confront a cheater in an unsafe area.

To maintain your safety it’s a good idea to let one of your closest friends or relatives know your suspicion of infidelity and  intent to spy on your spouse. It might seem embarrassing and difficult to share this very personal matter with a friend or relative. However they can provide the emotional support you need during this traumatic time.  Let a trusted friend or relative come along with you for support if you are comfortable with them. Cheaters can be wildly unpredictable, at the very minimum leave a note behind explaining your situation in case there’s trouble. Click this link to discover how to save your marriage.

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