Percentage of Married Spouses Who Cheat?

According to the private investigator in this video 65% of married Americans are having or have has had an affair. Here’s some quick facts about cheating spouses…

Question: Who’s harder to catch at cheating? (According to the private investigator)

Answer: The woman tries harder to hide an affair

Question: Why do men cheat?

Answer: A man wants sex, duh!!!
Sex is a great hobby for a man

Question: Why does a woman cheat?

Answer: They seek emotional support.

Question: What’s the percentage of lovers that take their cheating spouse back?

Answer: 75% of women take the man back after an affair.

75% of men want a divorce

(Go figure, the women are much more forgiving)

Interesting bit of trivia… The 7 Year itch is real.

Many men get wanderlust after seven ytears and go looking for a sex hobby.

Question: What to do if you suspect your spouse of cheating?

1. Get the facts – Are they really cheating on you?
2. See a therapist. This might bring you needed insight and help you deal with this painful issue.
3. Know your rights. Consult with an attorney to find out what you can do legally about the marriage infidelity.
4. Sit down with spouse and confront them.

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