Signs of Cheating

If you suspect your spouse of cheating then you need to lookout for the signs of cheating indicators. Flat out accusing your husband or wife of cheating on you is often going to make them either resent you, or hide it their affair better.

Using these top signs of infidelity you can begin to collect information for your investigation toward learning the truth without tipping them off.

100 + Cheating Spouse Signs

1. Forgets to wear their wedding ring or starts taking wedding ring off
2. Husband listening to new types of music and knowing things about the artists
3. Husband is talking to ex girlfriends
4. More late night phone calls from unknown phone numbers
5. Change of attitude could mean potential cheating with coworkers, the secretary, or friends
6. Husband leaves the house more often – example: walking the dog more than necessary
7. Using the ATM too frequently, unusual bank withdrawals, credit card charges and other finance signs of infidelity
8. Wants to open separate checking accounts, or a husband who hides a bank account, or credit card from you
9. Takes up new hobby or activity’s they never had an interest in before
10. they accuse you of going through their stuff
11. Begins attending conventions or seminars
12. Has new friends you have never talked with or met
13. The car is cleaned of all traces of kids toys
14. Wants you to go visit relatives alone
15. Call out a different name in their sleep
16. Takes a new interest in subjects they previously ignored
17. Becomes more possessive of their wallet, computer or briefcase
18. Comes home smelling of alcohol on their breath
19. Wants to get together with friends they haven’t seen in years
20. Picks a fight so they have an excuse to leave
21. Starts working nights and weekends
22. Blames you for everything that has gone wrong in the relationship
23. Goes shopping for brand new clothes
24. Can’t remember things they’ve said previously
25. Pats you on the back instead of kissing you or giving you a real hug
26. Does not want you to touch them
27. Found a condom in their clothing or in their car
28. Has apprehension about signing a lease
29. Comes home wearing clothing you have never seen
30. Suddenly wants to do their own laundry
31. People you know start asking how the relationship is going and if you’re together
32. Becomes overprotective and jealous
33. Calls you by new pet names he has never used before
34. Talks more frequently about his disappointments with life
35. Wants to know if you really love him/her
36. No more compliments
37. Changes political views or stance on abortion
38. Pays much more attention to fixing appearance
39. Talking about interests or movies that you were not a part of
40. Orders new household items they never did before
41. Has a new attitude about life
42. Constantly late arriving places
43. Carries toiletry items with them like toothbrush and mouthwash
44. Becomes very involved with someone who is going through a divorce
45. Avoids being around friends of strong moral conduct or stops wanting to go to church
46. Says they need more time or space alone
47. Receives coded text messages
48. Deletes caller I.D or erases text messages
49. Talking more frequently about friends of the opposite sex
50. Says they are going to one place but instead goes somewhere else
51. Attitudes toward Church, God and spirituality in general deteriorates.
52. distancing of himself from the children
53. Defends other people who cheat – example – Say’s Bill Clinton didn’t cheat
54. Listens to music that is degrading to women / i.e – certain rap that talks about ho’s & bitches
55. Sudden deterioration of your sex life
56. New hairstyle with no reason why
57. Doesn’t want to have you come in to work anymore
58. Spending more time in front of the mirror
59. Leaves for work earlier or gets home later
60. Takes a shower immediately after getting home from being out
61. Abruptly closes computer window or shuts down the computer when you come in
62. Changes computer passwords
63. Opens a separate bank account
64. Keeps a separate emails account that was hidden from you
65. suddenly quits smoking or starts smoking
66. Reading books about sex
67. Sudden changes in bed room sex habits
68. Has to go tot he gym and work out constantly
69. Encourages you to have your own activities without him or her
70. Starting to wear thong underwear (for the ladies) or changing underwear frequently (for the men)
71. Increase in hang up calls to your home
72. Looking nervously toward you before answering calls and or taking them in another room
73. Starts cursing more or changes conversational manner
74. Turns down romantic dates with you
75. Increase in drinking socially
76. Increased social events which you are not invited to
77. Stops saying they love you as often
78. Constantly talking about a coworker
79. Criticizes the way you look or talks down to you in public
80. Has a warped view of honesty
81. Erratic behavior like following you when you enter a room, or abruptly leaving
82. Complains about past mistakes
83. Starts remembering only negative aspects of the relationship
84. Accuses you of cheating to put you on the defensive
85. Buys you flowers out of the blue for no reason (may be acting out of guilt)
86. Staying out late ( this is a real big cheating spouse sign)
87. Withdraws from spending time with the parents
88. Constantly angry and critical of things
89. spending more time in front of the computer
90. Suddenly becomes very private about cell phone (check cell phone numbers with a reverse number lookup)
91. Spends more time alone
92. Locking the bedroom door
93. Wanting privacy while in the bathroom when it wasn’t an issue before
94. Starts paying bills late
95. Stops helping as much around the house
96. Turns phone off or doesn’t answer when they are unaccounted for
97. Being evasive about details
98. No longer wants to kiss while having sex
99. Dining out at restaurants you have never visited as a couple
100. Keeps change of clothing in the car

More Cheating Signs

101. Chatting with the other sex on Facebook
102. Looking on Craigslist on the personal section
103. Getting phone messages, texts or emails from old girlfriends or boyfriends
104. Found hair in your bed or smell perfume on bed sheets

If you suspect your spouse is cheating on you then you deserve to know the truth. Click here for the top ways to catch a cheating spouse and finding out 100% whether they really are faithful to you or not.

Do you have any cheating spouse signs you’d like to add to this list? Enter any cheating signs you can think of into the comments section below.

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