Husband Cheating With Co Worker

If you suspect your husband is cheating with a co worker the first thing you need to do is collect as much information as you can regarding the situation. You don’t want to approach your husband and make a wild allegation without knowing some facts. First, you need to consider why you suspect he’s cheating. Did you find a text from the other women on his cell phone? Or, is your reason for suspicion because of a rumor you heard?

Since the co-worker you suspect is cheating with your husband works in the same office they probably spend a lot of time with each other. For this reason it’s natural to feel some resentment if your husband begins talking about a casual office acquaintance. However, if you have concrete reason to believe the relationship between your husband and his co-worker is getting intimate you need to act.

Once you’ve considered the source of the information about your husbands alleged advances toward a coworker you can look for ways to collect more details. One way to get more details is to enlist someone who works with your husband. This can have severe drawbacks if your husband finds out you went behind his back to get information. They might even tell your husband what you are up too. In addition it could create an unpleasant office rumor if word got out. The good thing about getting the opinion about someone inside the office is they can most likely provide you with some valuable details into whether anything is really going on.

Many wives who suspect infidelity in their marriage try following their spouses without their knowledge to gather their whereabouts after the workday. Since the majority of cheating with co-workers happens after work hours it may be a good idea if they do not come home immediately after work. To set this method in motion you need to wait from a safe distance for your husband to get off of work. Once they have left work you can follow them to see where they go and possibly with who. If you are worried about being detected by your spouse you can purchase a GPS unit that lets you easily track his car from a distance.

Whatever you decide to do you owe it to yourself to know the truth. find out more ways on how to catch a cheating husband by clicking here.

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  1. The only thing that I have to go on with my spouse that he talks to one of his co-worker on facebook and on his facebook e-mail he asked her if she was going to be around because he was going to pysho on his wife (which is me), and then she reply “come talk to me lovely”. I feel that no one should call him that but me. I have found anything else on his facebook or on his e-mail from her but I am not sure what they talk about at work and he closes at work so I can’t prove what time he gets home with the time he punches out. So I am just in the dark and don’t know what to believe.

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