What is Emotional Cheating?

What is emotional cheating? Many people are confused by the definition of what really constitutes cheating in a relationship, or marriage. For married people physical cheating involves the actually touching and sexual intimacy between a married spouse and someone outside the marriage. However, with emotional cheating the intimacy occurs on an emotional level between someone who is in a committed relationship with someone else without advancing to the physical stage.

While not all emotional cheating leads to physical cheating it can be a very big indication of marriage infidelity. When a spouse is looking outside of the committed married relationship for something more. Going to another lover outside the relationship means they are less likely to want to work on their marriage.

If your spouse is turning to a close friend of the opposite sex or a coworker, instead of you it can lead to this type of cheating. Many office romances begin in this fashion. Since your spouse may have repeated interactions with this person it can lead to intimate conversations and eventually feelings of lust. Similarly, online romances can occur when the wandering spouse feels like  they need to turn to someone else who understands what they are going through.

Emotional cheating frequently occurs when there is a breakdown in communication between a couple. Since the spouse is not getting the emotional fulfillment they need in the relationship they can seek out emotional support and understanding from someone else. The really devastation part of emotional cheating is it can lead to a total breakdown in trust when it is discovered. It’s this breakdown of trust that can often lead to anger, resentment, and even increase the spouses desire to take things to a physical level with the other person.

You can avoid emotional cheating by being intimate with your partner. That means being proactive by saving your most intimate conversations and thoughts with them. Rather than having them turn to a friend or coworker for support provide a nurturing relationship that promotes their ability to turn to you. Most importantly have open communication with your spouse. become an active listener so they can feel comfortable turning to you when they need emotional support.

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