Why Do Guys Cheat If They Love You

A common question often asked by women who have been cheated on before is, “why do guys cheat If they love you?” Generally speaking a man cheats to get a reward or to find an easy means of getting his way out of the situation not favorable to him by becoming dishonest. Generally, it is the breaking of rules in order to achieve an unfair advantage over a particular situation. In a relationship, cheating is one among the several issues that the partners face. Most of the time, men are seen to be the ones who usually cheat their partners. Possibly, men are the ones who are more open about it or are risky enough to do it compared to women.

Being in a situation where there is cheating is never easy especially that it is already considered as taboo in the society these days. For men who cheat, a lot of effort is exerted like the need to plan to cover up things like fake the expenses, fake the working hours, fake the weekend escapades, and many more. Men cheat for he may have sensed that there is something going wrong. This could be that the relationship is already falling or his mind is just addicted to the thrill to wander away.

There are men who cheat for certain reasons and it does not mean that they no longer love their partners. The man can love his partner however there will come an instance when he becomes unfaithful and tend to cheat. There are men who are already in a relationship that is stable and comfortable but still desire to cheat for some reasons.

The man may feel that the happiness in his life is not enough already. Cheating men will have the thoughts that he can be overly good for the woman he is with. Eventually, he will have the instinct of getting another woman whom he thinks is better compared to his own partner.

Men take into consideration of cheating when his ego is bruised. It happens when the woman does not respect him, does not think highly of him, or does not need him both sexually and emotionally. Most often, he cheats because his pride is hurt based on the behavior of the woman. No matter how much the man loves you, he would want to cheat due to the fact that that he want to assume that he can just get away with it and you not catching it.

Majority of the men cheat even if they love their partners because there has already been an emotional disconnection in their relationship. Men tend to feel unappreciated leading them to become lonely. They can just feel alive, respected, and admired by another woman which leads them to become unfaithful.

It is important to take into consideration of some signs which may show that the man is already cheating. He may be spending more time away from home even during his free time. There is less sex or he would feel uncomfortable doing it. He may tend to avoid you like not answering calls.

There are several reasons why a man may cheat even if he loves the woman. The most important thing to do is talk it over before it even comes to worse. If it is not resolved, eventually the love of the man that is left for you may slowly disappear.

Signs Husband is Cheating

It’s a sickening feeling looking for signs a husband is cheating. You don’t want to think it could ever happen to you, and often women don’t even really want to believe the truth when all of the signs are there. However, knowing the truth, and getting closure to your nagging suspicions is necessary if you ever want to have a healthy self esteem and confidence about your relationship.

Here’s ten of the top signs your husband is cheating to help discover the truth.

hotel1. Staying out late and not letting you know where he is

If your husband is not calling to let you know where he is, and coming home late it could be a sign he is out doing something he shouldn’t be doing. Look out for any signs of deception such as being caught lying about where he’s been. If he is unreachable and is turning off his phone during these times it could be a red flag that he’s up to some type of indiscretion.

2. Doesn’t say he loves you as often

Saying I love you is an important part of a healthy marriage. Has your husband gotten cold and is seeming less intimate with you? Watch out for him pulling away, not wanting to kiss you, or other indications that he is preoccupied.

3. Starts criticizing you or putting you down physically

This is heartbreaking because it may say he is justifying his affair with someone else by putting you down. This could be a first sign of preparing himself mentally for cheating by telling himself that you are to blame. Whatever you do, don’t believe it. It’s not your fault if he cheats on you, he is responsible for his own behavior just as you are for yours.

4. Stares at other women

If you catch him looking at other women it can indicate that he’s lusting after something else. While he may be comparing you to her or just admiring her style, it still pays to be aware of it. Staring at women has been a natural male response since the beginning of time. However, if it becomes too much you may want to confront him about it and let him know it really hurts your feelings.

5. Withdraws from spending time with kids or you

If your husband is no longer wanting to spend time with you his mind may be elsewhere. Try to find out whats going on that is distracting him from you or the kids. If he is spending more time on the computer, what’s he looking at there. If he’s acting suspicious and erasing his browsing history you may want to investigate further.

6. Starts talking about all the negative things in the relationship

It’s common for men who cheat to begin talking badly about their spouse as justification and to make themselves feel better for their actions. Is what he is saying based in actually reality or is he trying to come up with ways to start a fight so he can leave for a while?

7. Changes sex habits suddenly

Does he want less sex or is he suddenly wanting to try new things. These can both be indications that there is some other outside influence on the marriage.

8. Conversational tone changes and starts talking differently

A husband who changes the way they talk, their slang, or manner of speech may be being influenced by someone else. One sign that many cheaters use is to start calling their wives by new pet names. It pays to be mindful of these types of behavior changes and see if you can find out what is causing them to occur.

9. Wants to leave the house often

A spouse who is always looking for an excuse to leave the house is another big indication of infidelity in a marriage. Where’s he going? Many wives follow their husbands to try to determine if he really is going where he says he is. You can use a GPS tracking device or trail him to see where he goes if you have suspicions about his honesty.

10 Hides text messages or acts suspiciously about his phone

If your spouse is hiding text messages or generally being evasive with their phone you might wonder if something is going on. Be especially aware if they are saying their talking to new female friends from work, or old girlfriends.

There are hundreds of cheating spouse signs that can help you uncover the truth about infidelity in your marriage. You deserve to know the truth.

Is My Husband Having An Affair

Infidelity in a relationship is one of the most sensitive and painful issues a couple can encounter. Trust and love will truly be tested when this happens and it is one single issue that is able to destroy a relationship even the strongest ones. For a married couple, it is definitely painful to consider the possibility that your husband is cheating on you.

Denial will certainly be your initial reaction, however if there are reasons for your suspicion that your husband is cheating, then it is time to look for signs of him being not faithful. If you take this devastating moment in longer time to deal with then you will be feeling even worse finding out that he has not been telling you the truth all the while.

infidelity-with-cheaing-husbandTo find out if your husband is having an affair you must be able to notice the things he does. Check if there is a change in your man with regards to sex drive. See how he acts in the bedroom, whether there are any changes with the excitement or not. Figure out if he becomes uncomfortable doing it, or is suddenly avoiding you.

You need to see if your husband showers you with kindness all of a sudden. This can happen when he feels the guilt for being not faithful which could be the reason why he could be extra nice. This is most especially true if your husband is normally shy or not showy then suddenly changes at a certain point. This could show signs of compensation for cheating.

You can try noticing if he suddenly becomes helpful in the house which normally he does not and these include doing the dishes, cooking, or grocery shopping.

Check on your husband’s mood as well. If there is a sudden change especially after receiving a phone call or a text message then probably another woman may be the reason for the mood change. In this connection, check if he changes habits with regards to his phone. Like if he is used to of leaving his phone open with no passwords and can stand up if the phone is away then suddenly the phone becomes inseparable to him. If your husband will not leave the phone anymore or cannot live without it then something can be suspicious. This goes also with his computer or laptop.

You should pay attention to his excuses. You may have used to in spending time together especially during free time then all of a sudden he makes up reasons like working late at work or having a sudden passion for a new sport.

Check on your husband’s grooming like for an instance he does not shave as often, maintain his hair, or shower often in a day, and then all of a sudden he does the opposite. Possibly, this can be a sign that he wants to be well-groomed for the other woman or want to wash off him the scent of the woman.

There are so many ways that you can do in order to check and find out if your husband is cheating on you. With the things already mentioned, it does not necessarily mean that he really is already cheating because of the changes in his behavior like becoming extra nice. He may just be considering of changing for the better that is why it is essential that you really take extra careful with your observations and be really keen on looking for answers whether he is cheating or not. For more signs of a cheating husband visit this page.

Reasons Why Women Cheat

Women used to be taught to be good girls ever since childhood and to behave like a lady. However, in the 21st century, they become tough and began to speaks out for themselves, become assertive, and express their full potential as a being. Men are commonly known to be cheaters but the women these days have also been doing the same thing which is already common as well. Women nowadays do not fear of doing such because of the drastic change in culture and diminishing social stigma associated with infidelity.

There is a conception that women cheat because they are generally not happy with their relationships. Monogamy is the norm in the society however adultery has become common. Most of the time, men become unfaithful due to the fact that they desire more sexual varieties while women become cheaters because they intend to meet their emotional needs. Generally, women are emotionally invested in the relationships they are cheating-woman-on-bedin. They like to be feel wanted and desired.

Below are some of the reasons why women cheat:

Lack of attention and intimacy – intimacy, emotional, and mental attention are what women need and being not able to receive these will lead the woman to look for it from another man who is willing to offer her emotional needs. Carefully look for signs of emotional cheating as they can lead the way to a full blown affair if it goes on for long.

Revenge – it is really hard to forgive when you have been cheated on because of the deceit, anger, hurt, and sadness that you have felt. This in return also affects your self-esteem. Having been cheated will pose a negative effect on the relationship. Having trust as well as your mood towards your partner will change.
Revenge sinks in to your system because you intend to make your partner feel what you have been going through.

Bad sex – it is essential that women feel desired and will experience real orgasm during sex. Lacking of this will encourage the woman to get tempted in seeking for sexual satisfaction from somebody else.

Financial independence – being financially dependent with the man will be hard for the woman to leave the relationship. If the woman is independently earning, she will have the power to leave the man in whatever negative situations that will occur with them for she knows that she will be able to stand alone without the man’s financial support.

Low self-esteem – being insecure will somehow lead you to seek validation from others and this may be in the form of emotional, sexual, or intellectual attention. You find it hard to accept the great love from your partner because you feel not deserving of it; thus, will bring you to look for someone who you think that you deserve.

Boredom – have the routine just the same over and over again is indeed boring. You and your partner do not have anything in common for which both of you do not share common interests. You will feel being emotionally distant from your partner which will lead you to seek for someone who offers excitement and more adventures that both of you can share.

Visit this page for the most popular cheating signs so you can identify whether or not something is really going on. If you do find out that your girlfriend or wife is being unfaithful here are some tips when confronting a cheater.

Emotional Cheating Signs

Are you seeing emotional cheating signs in your relationship? Emotional cheating is when a person in a committed relationship begins talking intimately with someone else because they are not getting the fulfillment they desire. It often starts out as a friendship between two people of the opposite sex, and progresses over time. Emotional cheating can take many forms and can even turn into something of sexual nature.

Emotional cheating occurs most often when intimacy has broken down in the relationship. If spouses are not communicating intimately it can leave a void that can make the person look elsewhere for support from someone outside of the relationship. Some emotional cheating signs are a spouse who starts talking about a close friend or coworker of the opposite sex. If they start communicating with this personal frequently or making excuses to spend time with them it could be a sign that they are attracted to them.

Cheating signs are often very subtle. For that reason it’s best to look for many actions that add up to create an overall picture of wrong doing. Finding out that your spouse has been spending a lot of time chatting online may seem innocent enough at first. However, if you then learn that they are answering their phone in another room, and getting playful banter on their Facebook account from a female coworker, you may want to carefully look for other signs.

One of the first signs of emotional cheating is when a spouse starts sharing intimate details about your relationship with someone else. This could be a good indication that there is emotional cheating going on. In this situation you need to find a way to re-engage your spouse to open up communication to start the rebuilding process before things get worse. Many people pull away when they are going through a difficult time which can lead to the partner becoming more and more distant.

Everyone needs emotional support in their lives. Find out what your spouse really needs and let them know that you are there for them emotionally. One of the ways to begin satisfying their emotional needs is to work on becoming a better listener. Engage and become interested in what they are going through. Try to avoid becoming impatient, or disparaging. Remember, you want them to turn to you when it comes to intimate thoughts and conversations. Many emotionally unfaithful relationships develop from nonphysical to sexual over time. Stop this from happening by becoming the one they trust and turn to when they need someone.

If you suspect that your spouse may have moved on from emotional cheating to that of a sexual nature you need to know the truth. Click here to find out how to catch a cheating spouse right now.

Types of Men who Cheat

Whether it will be a short span or long term relationship with a prospective man, cheating is always a big “No No” for any woman. Through the observation of relationship gurus and experts, six types of men were branded as the cheating kinds and any woman should avoid getting serious with. It is of great importance that any woman should have a warning sign if a man is prone to infidelity sooner or later in a relationship.

1. Men who like to be secretive

Sometimes, girls like the “mystery man” type of guys. This may be one of the culprit why some girls fall in love with them but being tight-lipped most of the time about things you ask him is something every woman should be worried about. That one fellow who gets panicky whenever you open his inbox can be signs of cheating. This is due to the fact that individual who tend to keep a lot of secrets will not divulge information about their whereabouts and doings. He is also the type who wants to listen to everything you have to share because he likes to divert the topic away from him.

cheating-man-player2. Men who care less

Yes, he is a very good charmer. He likes to flirt a lot, gets good with intimacy and makes you a mess out of yourself but he becomes aloof when it comes to showing of affection. He is cold as ice so you better find somebody else because he is the kind who won’t stay with you for a long time.

3.Men with no respect for their own mother

Oftentimes branded as “Mama’s boy”, this type of guys have great affection towards their moms and sometimes can get a bit exasperating too. However, if a man has a troublesome relationship with his mother, you may expect him to be not the type to get into commitments. You can bet he may show no respect for you if he show signs of talking badly about his mom or you may have witnessed him being rude to her.

4. Men who are not proud of you

This is the type of guy who wants to keep your relationship private until the “coast is clear”. He still keeps the single status and other gals flirt with him because you think they’re only not aware he’s dating you. You wish you had a clue.

5. Men who have memory loss

Men are not good with dates, that’s a fact. Though, constant forgetfulness about your presence and your plans together can mean he is happy with someone else. Maybe he found a companion better than you who he can enjoy with without having to do the routine things you do together. This can be the reason why he dumped you without notice.

6. Men who are overly controlling

He likes to demand everything you’re supposed to do: how you behave, with whom you go out with or where you go. He becomes possessive and protective but he does not inform you about his stuff. The thing is, he is only avoiding surprise encounters with you when he is out doing a dirty little secret of his own. Boyfriends who dictates who your friends should be from the very start are not worth staying with in a relationship.

If your guy fits the profile you may want to further investigate the reasons why men cheat. You can also read more about the top cheating signs on this page.

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