Emotional Cheating Signs

Are you seeing emotional cheating signs in your relationship? Emotional cheating is when a person in a committed relationship begins talking intimately with someone else because they are not getting the fulfillment they desire. It often starts out as a friendship between two people of the opposite sex, and progresses over time. Emotional cheating can take many forms and can even turn into something of sexual nature.

Emotional cheating occurs most often when intimacy has broken down in the relationship. If spouses are not communicating intimately it can leave a void that can make the person look elsewhere for support from someone outside of the relationship. Some emotional cheating signs are a spouse who starts talking about a close friend or coworker of the opposite sex. If they start communicating with this personal frequently or making excuses to spend time with them it could be a sign that they are attracted to them.

Cheating signs are often very subtle. For that reason it’s best to look for many actions that add up to create an overall picture of wrong doing. Finding out that your spouse has been spending a lot of time chatting online may seem innocent enough at first. However, if you then learn that they are answering their phone in another room, and getting playful banter on their Facebook account from a female coworker, you may want to carefully look for other signs.

One of the first signs of emotional cheating is when a spouse starts sharing intimate details about your relationship with someone else. This could be a good indication that there is emotional cheating going on. In this situation you need to find a way to re-engage your spouse to open up communication to start the rebuilding process before things get worse. Many people pull away when they are going through a difficult time which can lead to the partner becoming more and more distant.

Everyone needs emotional support in their lives. Find out what your spouse really needs and let them know that you are there for them emotionally. One of the ways to begin satisfying their emotional needs is to work on becoming a better listener. Engage and become interested in what they are going through. Try to avoid becoming impatient, or disparaging. Remember, you want them to turn to you when it comes to intimate thoughts and conversations. Many emotionally unfaithful relationships develop from nonphysical to sexual over time. Stop this from happening by becoming the one they trust and turn to when they need someone.

If you suspect that your spouse may have moved on from emotional cheating to that of a sexual nature you need to know the truth. Click here to find out how to catch a cheating spouse right now.

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  2. I suspect that my girl is cheating on me with someone. She guards her cell phone, won’t let me touch it and went ballistic when i picked her cell phone up. She suddenly spends a lot of time and effort putting on her make up and she never has done that in the past. She constaly nit picks and is super critical of everything or everything i say. She suddenly wants to go to church something she’s not done in the past and is a huge fan of cole swindell and constantly tells me where hes going to be or what day his new album will be relised. And when she is on her cell phone she makes sure its positioned in a way that i can’t see it. Also i saw she was on hang outs app and saw the white background abd the distinct green header twice now and shes denied having the hangouts app on her phone.

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