Types of Men who Cheat

Whether it will be a short span or long term relationship with a prospective man, cheating is always a big “No No” for any woman. Through the observation of relationship gurus and experts, six types of men were branded as the cheating kinds and any woman should avoid getting serious with. It is of great importance that any woman should have a warning sign if a man is prone to infidelity sooner or later in a relationship.

1. Men who like to be secretive

Sometimes, girls like the “mystery man” type of guys. This may be one of the culprit why some girls fall in love with them but being tight-lipped most of the time about things you ask him is something every woman should be worried about. That one fellow who gets panicky whenever you open his inbox can be signs of cheating. This is due to the fact that individual who tend to keep a lot of secrets will not divulge information about their whereabouts and doings. He is also the type who wants to listen to everything you have to share because he likes to divert the topic away from him.

cheating-man-player2. Men who care less

Yes, he is a very good charmer. He likes to flirt a lot, gets good with intimacy and makes you a mess out of yourself but he becomes aloof when it comes to showing of affection. He is cold as ice so you better find somebody else because he is the kind who won’t stay with you for a long time.

3.Men with no respect for their own mother

Oftentimes branded as “Mama’s boy”, this type of guys have great affection towards their moms and sometimes can get a bit exasperating too. However, if a man has a troublesome relationship with his mother, you may expect him to be not the type to get into commitments. You can bet he may show no respect for you if he show signs of talking badly about his mom or you may have witnessed him being rude to her.

4. Men who are not proud of you

This is the type of guy who wants to keep your relationship private until the “coast is clear”. He still keeps the single status and other gals flirt with him because you think they’re only not aware he’s dating you. You wish you had a clue.

5. Men who have memory loss

Men are not good with dates, that’s a fact. Though, constant forgetfulness about your presence and your plans together can mean he is happy with someone else. Maybe he found a companion better than you who he can enjoy with without having to do the routine things you do together. This can be the reason why he dumped you without notice.

6. Men who are overly controlling

He likes to demand everything you’re supposed to do: how you behave, with whom you go out with or where you go. He becomes possessive and protective but he does not inform you about his stuff. The thing is, he is only avoiding surprise encounters with you when he is out doing a dirty little secret of his own. Boyfriends who dictates who your friends should be from the very start are not worth staying with in a relationship.

If your guy fits the profile you may want to further investigate the reasons why men cheat. You can also read more about the top cheating signs on this page.

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