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Do you need to catch a cheater? Whether you suspect your boyfriend or husband of cheating, you need to know the cheating techniques they’re using to get away with infidelity in your relationship. When you know how to detect the signs of an affair you can learn the truth and stop your man from lying and hurting you.

Cheating men always leave behind signs. Many signs by themselves can be innocent, however if you start to see many of these affair signs you’ll want to pay close attention to all of his actions. the first thing I recommend is to start a cheating signs journal. This could be a notebook or binder where you will list any signs of indiscretion you notice. I’ve created a free printable cheating signs PDF you can print out to check off to help you keep track of possible cheating signs.

(Just remember, don’t jump to any conclusions until you know the truth. Making wild accusations before you know the truth about his cheating may make him deny it prematurely before you have proof. in addition you may wrongly accuse an innocent boyfriend or husband and cause irreversible damage to your relationship. —> So to recap, gather information about potential cheating signs first before you pounce.)

Here’s a list of the top cheating signs with links to more information about the subject.

Physical Cheating Signs

  • Notice different color hairs in your bed or on his clothing
  • Perfume smell on clothing, lipstick residue, make-up stains or oil stains
  • Underwear secretion stains
  • Smelling cigarette smoke on clothing that is of unexplained origin
  • You find a condom or condom wrapper in his clothing, briefcase, or jacket
  • You find phone numbers, or receipts in his wallet
  • Comes home sweaty and immediately heads to the shower
  • He takes off his wedding ring

Car Cheating Signs

  • He’s driving more often then he should . Check odometer for mileage.
  • Passenger car seat is in a different or not in the usual position
  • You find phone numbers or receipts in the glove box
  • Found a condom
  • Different radio stations with music he never listens to are programmed or on
  • He suddenly doesn’t want any kids toys laying around in the car

Cell Phone Cheating Signs

  • Turns off cell phone when he’s with you
  • Acts nervous and leaves the room when he gets a call
  • Hangs up the phone quickly when you enter the room
  • Erasing his text log
  • Repetitive calls or texts on cell phone (Look for calls made right before or after his work schedule)
  • The cell phone bill has calls of long durations
  • He doesn’t return calls quickly
  • A high incidence of hang-up calls or wrong numbers
  • Suspicious phone messages or texts
  • Suspicious numbers saved in his phone
  • Receives late night phone calls or texts

Computer Cheating Signs

  • Clears his browsing history
  • Password protects his computer from you
  • You find profile pictures
  • You see evidence of him chatting with women online
  • Opens a new secret email account
  • Excessive amounts of late night computer use
  • You find pictures of women on his computer
  • Demands privacy while using computer
  • Using online chat rooms
  • You find his profile on a dating hook-up site like Adultfriendfinder or
  • He’s browsing the Craigslist personals section
  • Your man reacts with anger or acts defensive when you catch him at the computer unaware
  • He quickly shuts down the computer or closes the browser when you enter the room
  • Talking to old girlfriends on Facebook, or other social networking site

Paper Trail Cheating Signs

Emotional Cheating Signs

  • Talking about a female co-worker
  • Wanting to help someone of the opposite sex who is going through a divorce
  • Detaching emotionally from you
  • Sharing intimate personal details with someone else
  • Loss of interest in sex (He could be thinking about someone else)

Popular Signs of a Cheating Man

  • Suddenly changes appearance
  • Has a new desire to lose weight and look good
  • Working out at the gym
  • Spending more time at work
  • Your man is leaving the house more often
  • Spending time with old friends they haven’t talked to in years
  • Takes up interest in a new sport they never cared about before
  • Wanting to attend overnight conferences
  • They want to spend time alone from you
  • He wants you to go visit your family
  • Starts arguments to leave the house
  • Friends ask if you and him are still together. (Do they know something you don’t?)
  • Acts possessive of his wallet, computer or briefcase

While one or more of these signs may not be a problem in itself they can be indicators of wrong-doing. Make sure you do not wrongly accuse your boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse as it will only lead to a breakdown of trust in the relationship. However, once you’ve got the evidence on your side you should confront the cheater because you deserve much better.

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