Cheating Signs – Husband is Talking to Ex Girlfriends

If you find out that your husband is talking to his ex girlfriends it can be a serious cheating sign depending on the level of contact and his true intentions. Finding out that your husband is talking with an ex can bring up emotions like jealousy, fear, and anger that may lead you to feeling resentment towards him.

With the growing trend of social networking websites like Facebook it is easier than ever before to find ex lovers. Many people on these sites want to stay connected and therefore add as many acquaintances as they can think of. So the first thing you should consider before you get upset is to find out the amount of contact between your husband and his ex that is occuring.

Is it a casual hello on Facebook? Or is it texting and phone calls between your husband and his exgirlfriend? Another factor to consider is whether or not he is hiding the contact from you, or being completely open about it.

Many husbands who have children from a previous relationship need to maintain some sort of communication with the mother. If you have noticed that this communication is happening too frequently and involving intimate details you will need to step in and set up boundaries. Conversations between exlovers or exwives should be kept businesslike in relation to the welfare of the children.

If you find out that your husband is talking with an exgirlfriend behind your back it could be an indication that he is considering cheating on you. The first thing you should consider is how much you trust your husband. Has he cheated on anyone else in the past? If you trust him completely then you should convey your feelings to him, about his talking to his ex, and how it hurts you.

If your husband is straightforward and honest with you about the conversations than you should take him at face value. If he is open and up front with you, and you have no reason to not believe him, don’t let your fears of losing him lead you to assumptions that may harm your relationship.

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5 thoughts on “Cheating Signs – Husband is Talking to Ex Girlfriends”

  1. what does it truly mean if an ex lover is talking to ex lover on facebook? is this cheating? does it take away time,feelings,talking and sharing with my wife?

  2. If your current girl/wife is talking with exlovers on Facebook it is a big problem. first of all, what is the point of their conversation. They broke up with the person and moved on. You have every right to be concerned and it is not a bad idea to speak with them about your feelings. If they have a problem with this you may need couple counseling.

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