Cheating Spouse Sign – Husband Listening to New Types of Music

If suddenly your husband starts listening  to new types of music and knowing things about the artists it may be a cheating spouse sign. Often cheating men will adopt some of the likes and habits of their mistresses. They may start appreciating the music tastes of their lovers and even start talking about the artists.

If you’ve noticed your spouse has changed their listening habits there’s a chance it’s because the music reminds them of him or her. Someone who always listens to classic rock who suddenly listens to rap music would be an indication of a pretty drastic change of taste.

Most everyone listens to a wide range of music, however when you add this cheating sign to others you may have noticed it can give you insight into the big picture. It helps if the change is particularly drastic such as someone who loves country and suddenly is listening to classical. If you notice this change you might want to ask yourself, why?

This little changes in a spouses behavior can provide hints to infidelity in a marriage. This cheating sign isn’t just for husbands either. Wives who stay at home with the kids or don’t work are suspect when they don’t have anyone around that could have influenced their new music taste.

There are many signs of cheating to look out for. For more ways to catch a cheating spouse click here.

3 thoughts on “Cheating Spouse Sign – Husband Listening to New Types of Music”

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  2. Seriously? If your spouse decides to dip his (wait for it) toe (you silly thing) in different musical waters you, his loyal and ever-loving wife, ought to start prowling around for further evidence of cheating? Occasionally I hit the music stores or download music on my pc that I don’t normally listen to because it is good to expand the mind. It has nothing to do with sexual fidelity.

    If I was married to a person who discovered I was listening to jazz all of a sudden and his reaction was “why you little cheat!” I WOULD BE THE ONE looking for a divorce.

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