What Does It Mean If Spouse Takes Off Wedding Ring – Cheating Signs

If you have a spouse who takes off their wedding ring, or continually forgets to wear it it could be a cheating sign. It’s one thing to accidentally forget to wear the ring after a cleaning or resizing. However, if your spouse is continually out and about without their ring on it’s a big warning sign.

Many cheating men remove their rings when they head out to singles bars as a sign that they are available. Even famous celebrities are prone to take off their rings as a symbol to unconsciously let women know that they are having trouble in their marriage like a separation or divorce, and are available.

In the aftermath of the high profile divorce between Jesse James and Sandra Bullock it’s been revealed that Jesse would frequently remove his ring before seducing women. According to a shocking report, Jesse allegedly took off his wedding band while hitting on photographer Brigitte Daguerre and once he had his way with her moved on.

Fashion photographer Ken Marcus is quoted as saying, “James, first made a move on Brigitte after they had been working and took his wedding ring off as he made a pass at her.

If your spouse removes their ring as a sign of defiance in front of you, it could be perceived that emotionally they are moving on. Actors like Kate Winslet was spotted without wearing her ring shortly after she announced her split from director Sam Mendes.

American television personality Kate Gosselin from the reality show Jon & Kate Plus 8 removed her wedding as a symbolic gesture after her breakup with Jon Gosselin. Removing the ring even if for a short time can often be associated with getting out of the marriage mindset and moving ahead with single life.

Some blue collar workers like carpenters or plumbers often have the excuse that they cannot wear their rings due to safety reasons while on the job. While this may be true they should be wearing their ring on all other occasions outside the work environment.

If you find out your spouse is taking off their wedding ring you need need to look for other signs of cheating to find out the truth. For more information about how to catch a cheating spouse click here.

6 thoughts on “What Does It Mean If Spouse Takes Off Wedding Ring – Cheating Signs”

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  2. Removing a wedding band before he leaves the house certainly wouldn’t impress me much. On the other hand maybe he is paranoid about ring previa. Does he climb a lot of fences?

    Ring previa in all seriousness is when a ring you are wearing gets caught on something, usually a piece of fence, and rips your finger off as you pull your hand away. No kidding. (Previa = to rip or pull away). In large cities there are a frequent number of patients who end up in the ER with ring previa. Often they have enough of their wits about them to bring the finger with them so the surgeon can reattach it. Sometimes however the tissue at the end of the finger is damaged beyond repair and it can’t be saved.
    When that happens the victim often develops “bus change fingers”. S/he might hold a few coins in her/his hand and of course they fall through the hole where the ring finger used to be. This happens a lot until the amputee figures out a new way to hold onto change.

  3. Couldn’t find my husband’s ring thus morning.I didn’t bother to ask him about it.When he got out the shower he went to put it on and couldn’t remember where it was.Then he remembered it was in the car cause he took it off last night after work cause he said his finger was swollen.But he didn’t mention or complain about his finger at all.Confused and don’t know what to think….

  4. My husband took his wedding band off and send it to me through the federal express .. My morher was so nouse went in the mail. That God use her that was intentionally to hit my heart God flipped it to my mother interceded the hit which taken away the intention dagger that I was supposed to have received…Thank God for the Block…my husband told me he move on because already have someone….

  5. My hubby removes his ring never said why it was kinda in front of me today makes Day3 not sure what’s up with that.

    Thank you!

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