Found a Condom Wrapper in My Husbands Car – Cheating Signs

If you found an unused condom in your husbands car or in their clothing, then there is a possibility he’s hiding something. However, if you found a condom wrapper then he definitely has some explaining to do. Most likely your first impression is to think that he’s cheating on you. Before you jump to any conclusions it’s a good idea to think things through.

In the case of finding an unused condom you first need to consider the following. Do you guys use condoms and possibly he put it there instead so he can be spontaneous with you later? It would help if you can remember wear he was going the day he left the condom there. This way you can see if their was any other suspicious circumstances about that day in particular. If you can’t narrow down the day then you should be on the lookout for any other signs of cheating you can find.

It’s a good idea to have as much information as possible before you confront him about finding an unused condom. This way if he denies knowing about where it came from you have multiple problems to address. The best advice would be to collect your thoughts, gather as much suspicious facts as you can and calmly approach him about it.

Now if you found a condom wrapper in his car, or on him you really need to find out what’s going on. When you question him about it, make sure that you look at him directly for any signs of evasion or dishonesty. Be prepared if he says he found it and picked it up, or that he loaned his car out to one of his friends. Go with your gut instinct to tell if he’s telling you the truth. Just remember that to get the truth you may need to make him feel like there is minimum amount of judgment as a result. That you only wish to know the truth so you can move on. Once you know if he’s really cheating, then you can decide whether you wish to work on the relationship or file for divorce.

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10 thoughts on “Found a Condom Wrapper in My Husbands Car – Cheating Signs”

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  2. I have found a personal lubricant paper but no bottle in the visor of my husbands truck and 5 pills remaining from a 30ct package of enhancers, I have none of these in our home whats up with that?

  3. I would definitely think something may be going on. However, before you think he is cheating have you considered that your husband may be masturbating in the car? Finding personal lubricant is better than finding a condom or wrapper. Have you noticed other cheating signs like coming home late or acting suspicious?

  4. I think that finding a condom in your husbands car would be a definite troubling sign of cheating. He better have a really good explanation for why he would have a condom there, especially if he is not using them with you.

    For Cindy above who found the personal lubricant in her husbands car I would think by itself that this means he may just be playing with his thing. (hopefully) However, when you include finding enhancers it could be much more serious. I didn’t know what enhancers were until searching google just now. Turns out these are also known as poppers. Many gays use poppers to enhance their sex!?! Do you think your husband could have homosexual tendencies? I would start asking some serious questions because finding lubricant and enhancers may be an indication of him cheating on you with other men! (gay sex) As you know do to the risks of HIV and Aids this could be life threatening for you! I don’t mean to alarm you just want you to know the potential risks of having sex with a man engaged in these types of sexual habits. I wish you the best!

  5. There’s not doubt in my mind that a wife who finds a condom in her husbands car has got a cheating husband. I cant think of a single good excuse for why he would have that. On the bright side he’s trying to protect himself from pregnancy or std… unfortunately you need to drop him and move on with your life. You don’t deserve to be with a cheating man.

  6. Hi i have been with my husband for 6 years. our relationship has been bad to good or so i thought. I had found out he cheated on me multiple times before I was pregnant. So after I found out I confronted him and we decided to get therapy. Two years pass and things are getting better he gets home early he never goes out. I’ve caught him looking at porn a few times which highly bothers me, he promises not to do it again. So fast forward we are about to go out and look at houses together its about night time and I notice a silver wrapper in the middle of our car console there are two pieces of the wrapper indicating he must of opened it in the car. I confront him as soon as we are about to drive off. he completly denies it and claims he doesnt know where it came from. I just dont know what to believe he’s the only one who uses the car. So it hurts me to know if he did in fact cheat? what should I do?

  7. I found one single condom in my husband’s car. Don’t know what exactly to do. need advice please!!! Am seriously sick of him.

  8. Need HELP!

    Married for almost 2 years with 1 daughter who just turned one 2 weeks ago. Everything had been great then sometime in June he started going out more, staying out very late and my curiosity and gut were telling me something is going on. I’ve already poked around and found some inappropriate things and each time I’ve asked him dead in the face, “Are you having an affair?” and course he denies it. Now today… I just found condoms in my garage!!! They were hidden in a latex glove, 8 left… assuming it was a 12 pack! My gf was over doing my hair n needed some n that’s how I found them.

    I have no hard evidence he actually has cheated but this is a confirmation something is going on and I don’t know how to handle it!

    He is working overnight because he is a police officer and I don’t know what to do n how to confront him! My sister said leave a note in the glove… or do I take condoms and confront him after I get home from work tomorrow afternoon? Or something else?? Please help..

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