Signs of Infidelity – Increase in Bank and ATM Withdrawals

It may be a sign of infidelity in your relationship if you are noticing an increase in bank or ATM withdrawals that look suspicious to you. Cheating often costs money. If you suspect your husband may be wining and dining someone else there’s usually some sort of a financial paper trail left behind. Here are some of the ways you can gather finance clues to help detect if your spouse is cheating.

Cheating Spouse Finance Clues

1. Increase in ATM withdrawals – The first thing you may notice is an increase in ATM or bank withdrawals. Rather than pay with a credit card to give away the location that the money is being spent at, often cheating men will withdraw cash to spend later.

You will want to look at the bank transaction record to find out the time, date and withdrawal location of the suspicious activity. Keep your eyes open for locations that your spouse should not be at, such as another town, or local motel.

2. Opens new bank account = Checking or Savings – Many cheating spouses try to hide their financial transactions by opening a new bank account. You can often find evidence of this in their briefcase or car.

3. Unusual credit card activity – If you notice an increase in credit card purchases for restaurant and travel expenses you should take note. Especially be on the lookout for restaurant bills for two people if it’s a new trend.

4. Unusual gift purchases – If your husband is buying flowers, candy or gifts and you are not the recipient, it should make you wonder why? Try to gather more evidence to confirm your suspicions before approaching him about this.

5. Found unexplained receipts – Often cheating men will eventually slip up and leave a suspicious receipt in their clothing, glove box, jacket, or desk. Collect this evidence and prepare for when you are ready to approach your spouse about it.

6. Gas purchases inconsistencies – If your husband say’s he is driving 5 miles to and from work each day but you are noticing an increase in gasoline purchases it could mean he’s not being truthful. You can begin counting his mileage to learn the truth.

7. Starts keeping cash on hand – If you notice your husband is suddenly carrying around loads of cash, you may want to see if it is being spent. Track how much money he spends over the course of a week to monitor the situation.

8. Income tax deductions – If you notice income tax deductions for travel and trips that are mysteries to you it could be a sign of deception. Many cheating men say they are going away on business and instead escape with their lover to a romantic weekend getaway. By looking through the years taxes you can see if any discrepancies stand out.

If you are noticing some of these signs of infidelity you owe it to yourself to discover the truth. Click here to find out more ways to catch a cheating spouse.

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