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Reasons Why Women Cheat

Women used to be taught to be good girls ever since childhood and to behave like a lady. However, in the 21st century, they become tough and began to speaks out for themselves, become assertive, and express their full potential as a being. Men are commonly known to be cheaters but the women these days have also been doing the same thing which is already common as well. Women nowadays do not fear of doing such because of the drastic change in culture and diminishing social stigma associated with infidelity.

There is a conception that women cheat because they are generally not happy with their relationships. Monogamy is the norm in the society however adultery has become common. Most of the time, men become unfaithful due to the fact that they desire more sexual varieties while women become cheaters because they intend to meet their emotional needs. Generally, women are emotionally invested in the relationships they are cheating-woman-on-bedin. They like to be feel wanted and desired.

Below are some of the reasons why women cheat:

Lack of attention and intimacy – intimacy, emotional, and mental attention are what women need and being not able to receive these will lead the woman to look for it from another man who is willing to offer her emotional needs. Carefully look for signs of emotional cheating as they can lead the way to a full blown affair if it goes on for long.

Revenge – it is really hard to forgive when you have been cheated on because of the deceit, anger, hurt, and sadness that you have felt. This in return also affects your self-esteem. Having been cheated will pose a negative effect on the relationship. Having trust as well as your mood towards your partner will change.
Revenge sinks in to your system because you intend to make your partner feel what you have been going through.

Bad sex – it is essential that women feel desired and will experience real orgasm during sex. Lacking of this will encourage the woman to get tempted in seeking for sexual satisfaction from somebody else.

Financial independence – being financially dependent with the man will be hard for the woman to leave the relationship. If the woman is independently earning, she will have the power to leave the man in whatever negative situations that will occur with them for she knows that she will be able to stand alone without the man’s financial support.

Low self-esteem – being insecure will somehow lead you to seek validation from others and this may be in the form of emotional, sexual, or intellectual attention. You find it hard to accept the great love from your partner because you feel not deserving of it; thus, will bring you to look for someone who you think that you deserve.

Boredom – have the routine just the same over and over again is indeed boring. You and your partner do not have anything in common for which both of you do not share common interests. You will feel being emotionally distant from your partner which will lead you to seek for someone who offers excitement and more adventures that both of you can share.

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