Suspect Spouse is Cheating

Do you suspect your spouse of cheating on you? According to the private investigator in this video, 9 times out of 10 the people that meet with him have a suspicion that the other is cheating. One of the biggest cheating indicators relates around the cell phone.

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Is your spouse leaving the room or acting suspicious when their phone rings? If your partner is receiving cell phone calls at off hours or they are erasing their text messages and call records it could be a big cheating sign.

Some of the most common signs of cheating are a partner that says they need to spend more time at work, pick up new hobbies and generally start spending more time away. Cheaters will often look for any excuse to get away. Another big cheating sign could be a spouse whop frequently changes their clothing as soon as they get home, showers, or wants to clean up before they kiss you or come near. Many times you can pick up a scent of perfume, or notice little changes in the actions of a cheating partner. This can be as simple as new radio stations programmed into their car, the passenger seat moved into a new position, or them calling you by new pet names they’ve never used before.

By collecting the evidence you need to learn the truth you can finally put this issue behind you. Cheating can create turmoil and end your relationship. However, you need to learn the truth so you can get peace of mind and move on.

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