Wife Who Burned Husbands Penis Killing Him Convicted of Manslaughter

In Australia a wife who burned her husbands penis was found convicted of the lesser crime of manslaughter. The Supreme Court jury found that killer Rajini Narayan was not guilty, by majority verdict, of murder, instead claiming she deserved the punishment of manslaughter.

Her husband named Satish was confronted about an affair in their home in December 2008. During the confrontation the wife threw gasoline on the husband and lit him on fire. The husband suffered in the hospital before eventually passing away 20 days later.

According to court records Narayan had intended to only burn the tip of her husbands penis. She further claimed that the burning was motivated by two decades of beatings from her husband and the affair.

During her trial she said, “”I did not like to be beaten I told myself I had to be better, I have to try harder,” she also remarked that, “I deserved it because, in my mind, I was not the perfect wife for my perfect husband… I idolized him, he was my hero.”

Asked at what time she came up with the idea to burn her husband she said…

“A bizarre idea came to me… I would use a candle to burn the tip of his penis.”

She denied wanting to purposefully injure her husband, rather she said she, “snapped” when he called her a “fat, dumb bitch”.

Read more: http://www.news.com.au/national/penis-burning-wife-rajini-narayan-found-guilty-of-manslaughter/story-e6frfkvr-1225938286157#ixzz12MZOaUK0

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