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Wife May be a Cheater

Submitted by Chandler M.
Subject:  Worried Wife May Be a Cheater

wife-revealing-bodyMessage Body: I was performing oral sex on my wife and after she had climaxed her comment was “You are the only one that can do that to me”. I thought that was strange and questioned her about it a few days later and she said she meant it as a compliment. Is it likely she had been with someone else recently?

Answer: This is a difficult questions to answer without having additional details about your relationship. Up until this point have you believed your wife was committed to your relationship, or have there  been other signs of infidelity?

Often those who are engaged in sexual acts outside of marriage act suddenly start to act differently are even want to try new techniques. Have you noticed anything different? A common thing in many cheaters is a sudden change in routine. It could be longer work hours, a lot more time at the gym, hanging out with friends a lot more than usual.

You should trust your instincts, and if deep down you feel something isn’t right, your gut instinct is probably right.

Maybe a reader who has had a similar experience can comment below. photo attribution: applegurl

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