Cheating Sign – Found Hair On Bed

If you have found a hair on your bed it could be a sign your husband is cheating on you. Finding another woman’s hair on your bed spread or pillow can give you an instant feeling of disgust.  Having your own bed violated is a horrible feeling, but how do you really know if it’s a real cheating sign?

One of the things to consider is if there has been anyone else sleeping in the bed such as a relative or friend. If not you may want to look for other signs of a woman’s presence such as hair scrunchies or other tell-tale signs. You’ll also want to smell the bed for signs that a woman’s scent or perfume has remained.

Often a cheating man will attempt to wash linens right after they cheated. If you notice that your man is suddenly washing the linens and bed sheets more frequently you may want to play close attention to see if something is going on. Many times the truth is right in front of you, yet we women refuse to see the truth for fear of what we’ll find…

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2 thoughts on “Cheating Sign – Found Hair On Bed”

  1. I just found a hair on my bed that is definetely NOT my hair or my husbands hair and am totally grossed out! My husband had the day off and I was work all day, when I pulled back the covers there it was on his side a long black hair. We both have brownish and blond hair. I’m freaking out, there has been no one else at the house. I asked him what he did all day and he said he was watching tv! please tell me he’s not cheating! I’m looking for more signs of cheating but so far I don’t see anything. He never leaves the house and I don’t see him hiding things.

  2. What more evidence do you need!… it’s right there when someone shows you who they are believe them the first time!!!..

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