Husband Has Secret PO BOX

Question Sent in by Jocelyn – I just found out that my husband has a secret po box. I found the receipt for it in his pants pocket and checked his key chain and sure enough he has a post office key on his keychain. I don’t know what it means but I have heard that hiding a po box is a cheating sign? I want to ask him about it but if he is being unfaithful I don’t want to alert him that I suspect anything. He has lied in the past and I just want to know for sure without him hiding an affair from me? Do you think him having a secret po box means he is having an affair?

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  1. You don’t mention how long you two have been married. Your husband may have debt that he doesn’t want you to know about or he could be using the PO box to receive secret bank account info, to order porn or sex toys, etc. I would look for other signs of cheating such as staying late at work, being away for unexplained times, talking to someone secretively on the phone. Then sit him down and ask him about the PO box and why he needs it. Be prepared to face resentment if you accuse him of cheating when it really is being used for some other purpose.

  2. How to Find if Husband Has a PO box? I found evidence of my husbands po box in the trash. My husband always takes out the trash but yesterday he said he was too tired so I took it out and found an envelope addressed to him with a po box number I never had seen before. I too need help finding out why my husband has this po box. The envelope was return addressed to a lady who lives in another town about ten miles away. There was no letter inside??? I thries google search for her name but couldnt find out anything. I think I’m going to drive out there while he is at work today to see what I can find. Do you think he is cheating??

  3. I also just found out my husband has a secret post office box. I should say still has, because five years ago he started cheating on me, and took it out then to get mail from the ow. He also had a secret cell phone. Now, I find out, he actually does not have the cell phone account anymore, because a letter came to our home from a collection company the other day, wanting him to pay up what was due. I am keeping this secret. I found a letter from the cell phone co this morning addressed to his PO box, so I went online and registered the PO box, and was able to find out he just paid for 6 months in September. So, try that, so you can keep up with when he pays for it. Check your cell records online for unusual numbers, unless he has a secret cell phone, too. But if you can find that out, plus the account number, you can register it and get access to his monthly calling habits. If you feel he is cheating, he probably is.

  4. Jocelyn, I think stop cheatings and caroles comment above makes sense. Do you think he may have debt your husband is trying to hide? Men can be stubborn, proud and ashamed to share with you bad debt that may make them look foolish or lower your approval of them. I’d look closely for other signs of cheating such as receiving phone calls, hiding text messages or staying out late to find some answers. You may want to just come out and ask him about it. What ever you do be supportive and make it seem like whatever the problem is it’s ok. This way he’ll be more apt to open up to you and tell you the truth. Once you know the truth and find out if he really is cheating you can determine what steps to take next. Good luck, i’ve been through marriage infidelity and it’s horrible. If it happens to you I advise you to get a good support system of friends and family to help you through it.

  5. I never heard that having a PO box was a sign of cheating but hey maybe I learned something new today. Having a PO box is good for lots of non-sleazy things such as receiving business correspondence to the PO box and not your house, an especially good move if he is being chased by credit collections.

    Tell him you know about the PO box and ask him straight out why he has one.

  6. A post office box is one of the main flags for a secret affair!!!!!! A place to receive sweet love letters from his sweet honey, a place to have all the love “toys” he orders for his sweet honey delivered and lets not forget the MAIN thing a man has to have: DIRTY MAGAZINES!!!!!!!!!

  7. My husband is having an affair. He got a secret p.o. box because he’s having his credit card bills, some of his pay commissions and phone bills rerouted there so i can’t see what he’s doing. Anything SECRET is a sign he’s cheating.

  8. I know this is an old thread but here I am.

    Well, I have 2 things to report

    1. Secret PO Box (With a 3 month “lease”…I found the post office receipt

    2. I found lyrics to a diss track about me (he’s not a rapper but like many businesspeople, he’s probably a musician in his own mind…he created a 10 foot area of a sound studio when we redid our basement to be a theater room).

    3. Is there any valid reason other than cheating for which someone, out of the blue, would get a PO BOX? Thanks ladies.

    I will check back later if anyone has comments.

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