Is My Husband Cheating?

Question submitted by Liz – I’ve been married to my husband for almost two years and the past month I’ve noticed some troubling changes that I need help with. Two months ago he started becoming active on Facebook and started friending tons of people he knew from high school. One of these people was his long term girlfriend of over a year. Two months ago she begun flirting with him on his wall and saying real complimentary things about his pictures. A couple days ago he acted suspicious when his cell phone rang and he got up from watching tv to answer the call in another room. I thought it was strange so I checked his phone later on and found the number that called him. I saw that he had received and made many calls from that number. I ran one of those phone checks on the number and the exgirlfriends name showed up. I’ve already made it clear to him that I’m not happy about her posting on his Facebook account and he said – what am I supposed to do about it, all my old friends post there. Now I found out hes talking to her behind my back. I’m going to confront him today about this, I just need to know if anyone thinks he might already be cheating on me? The calls have been going on for three weeks. During that time he’s had several late nights where he said he was with friends hanging out!

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3 thoughts on “Is My Husband Cheating?”

  1. It certainly sounds like your husband is already cheating. Looking at the evidence you presented— you asked him about her posting on his facebook wall. He denied any wrongdoing. Then he starts making phone calls to the exgirlfriend. If not cheating their is definitely deception. I would confront him immediately and try to get the truth!

  2. I’m waiting for an update on your cheating problem? Have you figured out if he’s cheating yet? I am going through a similar problem and think my husband is cheating. I’ve seen a variety of conflicting and strange signs like him wanting to leave the house abruptly and he acts suspicious while on the computer. One time I saw him close down what looked like a chat box when i came in the room. I’ve looked at his cell phone to check the records but it looks like he keeps erasing all records. And I noticed he clears the computer browsing history each time he leaves the computer. When I asked him about it he said it helps the computer load faster.

  3. When he said “what am I supposed to do about it?” referring to this girlfriend contacting him on Facebook the correct answer was “delete her from your friends and privatize your account or I will do it for you.”

    Tell him you know about the phone calls (don’t tell him you snooped just tell him you aren’t stupid). He has to stop calling her and stop taking her calls. When he says “how am I supposed to do that she has my number” tell him to change his number, make it private or you will throw his cell phone into the recycling bin.

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