Catch a Cheating Husband

In this video are ten different ways to catch a cheating husband in the act. While the content of this video may seem quite aggressive, she does share some effective ways of catching a cheating man. These techniques are sure to create animosity and resentment if used and abused. So make sure you have real suspicion of your man’s infidelity before using these tactics. If he is innocent and finds out you’re doing this stuff like tracking his computer keystrokes, checking his cell phone records and contacting him with fake social media profiles it could destroy any trust your husband has with you. Don’t accuse your husband without proof.

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With that said, here’s the ten ways to catch a cheating man from the video.

1. Set a trap to catch him – Tell your partner you are leaving for the weekend and wait to see what he does.

2. Check his cell phone – Is he turning off his phone when he’s with you? Is he calling you back right away when you call him?

3. Create a fake profile

4. Get a girlfriend to hit on him

5. Check out his friends

6. Monitor his computer usage – Is he using hotmail acctounts and chatting?

7. Excessive internet usage. Check his internet browser habits

8. Monitor his driving habits – Are there extra miles and is he coming home late? Is he working overtime like he really says? Check his paycheck to see if the time he said he was working overtime is really ion there.

9. Install a GPS tracking device on his car to see where he’s going

10. Ask your partner to take a lie detector

Always trust your gut instinct when it comes to cheating. If you think he’s being unfaithful there’s a good chance you are right. Collect as much evidence as possible before you confront him.

2 thoughts on “Catch a Cheating Husband”

  1. I cant believe anyone would ever want to stay with the girl in this video if they found out she was doing all this stuff to them. I mean c’mon she is recording what her boyfriend does on his computer, tracking his whereabouts, checking his cell phone, spying on him, and asking questions to his friends. Most guys I know would flip out and dump this chica in a heartbeat.

  2. I have a problem with these “tips” on catching your man in the act of cheating. Let’s look at the most troublesome shall we?
    Set a trap. Really? Is he not your lifelong partner, to love, honour and respect? How is it respectful to set up a trap for someone? When policewomen pose as prostitutes to catch “johns” they cannot offer sex or the men can get the charges thrown out. Know why? It’s called en-TRAP-ment.

    Ask your gf to hit on him? Wonderful. Use 2 relationships in an unethical manner to either put your fears to rest or worsen them.

    Create a fake profile and monitor his computer usage? What you are doing now is known as internet stalking. Clearly this is not about a cheating spouse or bf. This is about a woman with pathological jealousy.

    Do the man a favour and just break it off why dontcha?

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