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Catch a Cheating Husband

In this video are ten different ways to catch a cheating husband in the act. While the content of this video may seem quite aggressive, she does share some effective ways of catching a cheating man. These techniques are sure to create animosity and resentment if used and abused. So make sure you have real suspicion of your man’s infidelity before using these tactics. If he is innocent and finds out you’re doing this stuff like tracking his computer keystrokes, checking his cell phone records and contacting him with fake social media profiles it could destroy any trust your husband has with you. Don’t accuse your husband without proof.

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With that said, here’s the ten ways to catch a cheating man from the video.

1. Set a trap to catch him – Tell your partner you are leaving for the weekend and wait to see what he does.

2. Check his cell phone – Is he turning off his phone when he’s with you? Is he calling you back right away when you call him?

3. Create a fake profile

4. Get a girlfriend to hit on him

5. Check out his friends

6. Monitor his computer usage – Is he using hotmail acctounts and chatting?

7. Excessive internet usage. Check his internet browser habits

8. Monitor his driving habits – Are there extra miles and is he coming home late? Is he working overtime like he really says? Check his paycheck to see if the time he said he was working overtime is really ion there.

9. Install a GPS tracking device on his car to see where he’s going

10. Ask your partner to take a lie detector

Always trust your gut instinct when it comes to cheating. If you think he’s being unfaithful there’s a good chance you are right. Collect as much evidence as possible before you confront him.

Are These Signs My Husband is Having an Affair?

Submitted by Alice – I have recently noticed some troubling things and am writing for help to determine if these are signs my husband is having an affair. I have been with my husband for 6 years and we have one 4 year old child. We have had our share of ups and downs and have seemed to struggle more with arguments every since I was pregnant and had to leave my job. Now lately I have noticed my husband acting more distracted when he comes home form work and on the weekends. He often doesn’t want to go out places or be seen with me shopping or at the mall. The most troubling thing I’ve noticed is he is wearing new clothes and dressing differently for the past several weeks. He even is styling his hair and wearing cologne which he hasn’t worn in years. When I ask him if he wants to go shopping he starts acting weird and has even picked a fight right after I asked on one occasion. Now, he’s talking about joining a gym, losing weight and getting in shape. I want to think he’s doing all of this for good reasons but since he is not treating me good I’m thinking the worst. Do you think he is cheating or considering cheating on me?

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How Do I Confront My Cheating Husband?

Question Sent in by Mari – How Do I Confront My Cheating Husband?

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I recently discovered my husband of seven years has been cheating on me. He has been acting suspicious the past two months, coming home late, making excuses to leave the house and saying he’s hanging out with an old friend from college. Finally, after he seemed to start a fight for no reason, and left the house I decided I’d had enough. I logged in to his laptop and searched through his files. After searching for jpeg and video files I found a secret stash of semi-nude pictures from a lady he works with. I’m heartbroken!! I need to know if he is really having an affair, I mean the nude pics definitely say something is going on but I need to know the full truth. The pictures looked like the lady was some sort of stripper with a pole and lingerie with some topless shots.  I’m not even 100% sure if he’s cheated that’s why I need help confronting him and learning the truth! I need to confront him, but I don’t want the kids subjected to yelling and fighting. I guess I should drop the kids off with a relative and make sure I confront him in a public place. I just don’t know!! I’m also worried that he will runoff and leave us without any support. I haven’t worked in many years now and I barely have anything in my savings account. That’s another issue though…

Can you please give me advice about what’s the best way to confront him and learn if he is really having an affair?

Cheating Miner Offered $100,000 to become a Spokesperson for Infidelity

According to recent rumors the Chilean cheating miner who emerged days ago to be welcomed into the arms of his mistress was just offered a huge contract. Seems that the cheating husband was offered $100,000 to become a spokesperson for an infidelity agency. The wife of the miner has previously refused to welcome his return to the surface after she had discovered the miner had a mistress of ten years.

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The controversial cheating husband online dating website, AshleyMadison.com is rumored to have offered the miner Yonni Barrios the money to be their Spanish speaking spokesperson. According to the report in order to qualify, Barrios would have to remain married to his wife. He would also be required to make TV and public appearances in North, South, and Central America. There’s currently no word on whether the Chilean miner will accept the endorsement deal. The cheating website AshleyMadison claims that 17% of their members are Spanish speaking.

It certainly is a disgusting prospect to imagine that this miner will profit from his cheating ways and especially at the expense of his wife. Click this link for more on the story of the cheating Chilean miner.