Chilean Miner Has Mistress

Yonni Barrios, one of the trapped Chilean miners emerged from the mine to quite a cheating drama. Turns out he may be involved with as many as four different woman. According to news reports Yonni has been married for 28 years to his current wife.

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As the drama of the trapped miners unfolded the wife soon realized that there was also a mistress of 10 years eagerly waiting for news of Yonni’s return. When the wife realized her husband had been unfaithful she decided to boycott the vigil. As Yonni emerged from the mine he was greeted by his mistress.

What’s interesting about this cheating mistress drama is the newscasters defense of his cheating ways. Making comments to down-play his actions and making light of the pain the wife by supporting the mistress.

The newscaster said that Yanni and the mistress may be in a committed relationship, and that he is separated from the wife. Although not noting the fact that he is still married!! This type of propaganda against sanctity of marriage can be heard further when she says  that he’s a remarkable hero.

I feel quite sorry for the wife of this man and hope she can get closure and move on with her life as soon as possible.

So what do you think? Was the newscaster wrong in what she said? More importantly should the wife have been there for her husband when he emerged even though he cheated?

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