Do Cheating Spouses Want to Get Caught

With the flagrancy of extra-marital affairs today, you may be wondering: do cheating spouses want to get caught?    It may seem pretty dumb on the part of such people to be going out on such affairs and leaving enough clues about them that there can be no doubt that it is such a relationship.  Some people may find this really disappointing as they break moral and social codes.  Marriage is a holy institution and should not be treated lightly.  But there may also be other deeper reasons why such people can be so confident about what they do.

There are people who cheat their spouses for some reason which they think is legitimate and just.  This makes them do their affairs in a conspicuous or even, ostentatious manner which can make other people shiver.  Some examples of these are a past affair by the other spouse, not getting the emotional or physical contact that they need, and lack of attention from the other half.  These reasons can make such spouses to do things unabashedly that they may even set things up so that their husbands or wives can actually catch them in the act.

For some reason, some people just cannot accept the fact that they had been cheated on in the past.  This can be reinforced by the fact that the other spouse had not done anything in order to make up for his or her faults or if the relationship had continued to decline after the affair.  If the other spouse feels that this setting is just plain unfair for him, then he or she will find ways in order to get even with the offending husband or wife.  This means cheating without caution or regret.  They will do what they feel would help them get a revenge or to get even.

Another situation which helps to give rise to such a problem with spouses is the lack of emotional or physical contact that the other spouse is looking for.  If one is not able to fulfill these needs on the other partner, he or she may find ways in order to get that.  They may indulge in escapades which will help them obtain such needs even at the cost of getting caught.  They may seem to lose all moral and emotional restraints just to get what they want which would lead to them being caught.

The last is the lack of attention from their better halves.  There are times when one partner just doesn’t listen to or pay attention to them anymore that they just feel like looking for another who will.  These needs drive these people crazy that they would do anything just to fill that need.  This recklessness is often the cause of people getting caught, although almost everyone who cheats does eventually get caught.  There are different reasons why cheaters get caught.  There are some who do intend to be caught in order to catch their mate’s attention, and there are also those who want to keep it a secret but are eventually discovered anyway.

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