Why does he accuse me?

Question submitted by Pearl – Why does he accuse me?

Hi I’m baffled by my sons father/boyfriends behavior, maybe you can help me. I’ve been with my sons father for 5 years now the first 3 years i lived with him and it was literally hell. He cheated on me any and every chance he got among other very hurtful things he did. Still i forgave him until i finally left him for a about a year. We slowly got back together and he swears he has changed, however since we dont live together anymore he swears that i am cheating on him. Its an everyday argument. He constantly checks my phone, my stuff, computer history etc.

Im not cheatingon him. He however locks his phone, and gives me no account of his where abouts. I call him he doesnt answer, then turns around and accuses me of cheating. What is his problem?? I am at my last breath with him. I feel like he torments and makes me miserable over all the things he has done. .. like he some how reversed the roles. at times i feel like i myself am going crazy or something. help me please give me your thoughts on this. im tired of this situation. i love him but im not going to go out of my way to prove him wrong anymore, however i because i love him i want us to work. im really confused please help me. thanks in advance.

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