My husband is scaring me with words

Submitted by Delphi. – He is hiding his phone,he is spending less than a hour in the home,weekends also working,in night times he sleeps his friends room. When I’m asking about that he is telling unbelievable reasons.some times he is hurting that time I want to call 911.he is scaring me with the words “I will die”. and I had some clues like pregnancy kit,pictures,phone numbers.and I know his girl friend also.she came to my home also.their behavior also like that.i can’t explain in husband before his wife he is that much close with her.once we went to strip. in that trip I’m busy with my kid.they both are enjoying. if I’m asking any thing he can’t say answer that’s why he is beating me. i have to believe him what ever he said. i don’t want to be with him but because of my kid I’m thinking what should I do?


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