100 Signs Spouse Cheating Video

If you are suspicious that your husband or wife may be cheating on you then you need to take a look at the top 100 signs spouse is cheating. Once you know the cheating tells that can reveal if your spouse has intentions to have an affair you can hopefully catch him before he/her cheats or at the very least get closure so you know for sure. No one wants to live with marriage infidelity, and you deserve better. If you do discover that your spouse is cheating on you always remember that it’s not your fault. They are responsible for their own actions and cheating is never acceptable no matter what the circumstances.

This is the top 100 Signs of a Cheating Spouse (in no particular order)

  • Spouse starts receive secretive late night phone calls
  • Has a new attitude toward you, friends, coworkers, or the secretary
  • Start using different vocabulary and manner of speech
  • Takes off their wedding ring, or forgets to wear the ring
  • Has a new interest in friends you have never heard of or met
  • Begins blaming you for things that have gone wrong in the relationship
  • Start wanting to do their own laundry
  • Drinking alcohol or coming home with the smell on their breath
  • You find a condom on their clothing or in their car
  • They say they need time alone
  • Accuse you of snooping through their things
  • Has trouble remembering things they said before
  • Wants to open a separate bank checking  account
  • Begins working long nights and weekends
  • Gets coded text messages
  • Doesn’t want to sign a long term rental lease
  • Doesn’t want you to touch them anymore
  • Listening to music that’s degrading to women
  • Takes up a new hobby or activities that keep them away
  • Wants to leave the house to walk the dog more often
  • Always arrives late
  • Spends a lot of time with someone who is going through divorce
  • Is in front of the mirror often
  • Is calling you by new pet names you have never heard before
  • Shuts off the computer or quickly clicks off a website when you enter the room
  • Has to take a shower as soon as they get home
  • Opens a separate bank account and doesn’t tell you
  • Unexplained ATM withdrawals
  • Is suddenly possessive of wallet, briefcase or computer
  • Wants to hang out with friends they haven’t talked about in years
  • Has new interests they frequently talk about
  • Needs to attend out of town conventions or seminars
  • Begins listening to new type of music and knowing about the artists
  • Wants to sent you off tot eh relatives alone
  • Gives you a pat on the back instead of hugging or kissing
  • Wants to know if you really love them
  • Doesn’t want to go to church or be around friends of strong moral standing
  • Is worried much more about appearance
  • Wants the car cleaned of all kids toys
  • Comes home wearing clothing that you have never seen before
  • Keeps toothbrush, and mouthwash on them
  • Has a sudden drastic change in attitude
  • Is acting overly jealous of you
  • Buys a ton of brand new clothing
  • Says a different name in their sleep
  • Reading sex magazines and books
  • Changes position on politics or abortion
  • Orders things for the house they never did before
  • Erases text message or call I.D
  • Picks a fight with you so they can have an excuse to leave
  • Your sex life becomes nonexistent
  • Talking about someone they work with
  • No more complimenting
  • Distances themselves from the children
  • Increase in phone hangups
  • Buys you a gift for no reason (may be out of guilt)
  • Starts cursing more often
  • Has a sudden bad attitude toward God or religion
  • Doesn’t want you coming in to where they work
  • Defends other cheaters
  • Talking often with friends of the opposite sex
  • Gets a new hairstyle or grooming habits
  • Talks about movies you haven’t seen together
  • Leaves for work earlier of arrives home later
  • Complains about the past more
  • Doesn’t go where they said they were going
  • Talks more often about disappointments
  • Behaves erratically
  • Changes underwear frequently
  • People you know start asking you how the relationship is going
  • Wants to workout at the gym frequently when they never did before
  • Changes computer login passwords
  • Accuses you of infidelity
  • Begins drinking more socially
  • Doesn’t say they love you as often
  • Has a distorted view of honesty
  • Quits smoking abruptly or starts smoking
  • Big change in sex habits
  • Spends more time in front of the computer
  • Talks down to you in public or criticizes the way you look
  • Critical of you
  • Doesn’t want to go on romantic dates with you
  • Wants privacy in the bathroom
  • Wants more alone time
  • Is suddenly private about cell phone
  • Stays out late (** A big warning sign)
  • Doesn’t want to spend time with relatives
  • Stops helping pick up around the house
  • Pays bills late
  • Is evasive about details
  • Keeps a change of clothing in their car
  • Suggests you have activities without them
  • Goes to social events without you
  • Locks the bathroom or bedroom door
  • No longer kisses you during sex
  • Has separate email accounts hidden from you
  • Looks nervous when their phone rings
  • Only remembers negative aspects of your relationship
  • Starts dining out at restaurants you have never been to
  • Turns phone off or doesn’t answer when they are unaccounted for

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3 Responses to 100 Signs Spouse Cheating Video
  1. Greta
    January 31, 2011 | 4:58 am

    I would like to add “private Number”or “blocked number” showing up on call logs. He claims not to know who it is. Another sign is a need to have gum all the time. Suddenly he is overly concerned about having fresh breath. Why? when he never gave a crap before. Also, the person they are cheating with will often leave voicemails pretending to be a doctor’s office or something legit so you won’t trace the number to see who it really is. Google all numbers even if it sounds legit. Good luck girls, these men can cheat so easy with all this technology.

  2. Candace
    February 5, 2014 | 4:25 am

    I’m seeing more and more of these cheating signs from my boyfriend. How many of them does he need to do before hes definitely a cheater? Cause I think theres at least 10 from the list that he has been doing lately.

  3. lar
    November 30, 2014 | 2:35 pm

    My husband doesn’t help with the bill at all, we have been together for six years, he has walked out on me over 9 times, I have no clue who he is anymore. This time l,m filling c.f. for a divorce

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