Do Cheating Spouses Want to Get Caught

With the flagrancy of extra-marital affairs today, you may be wondering: do cheating spouses want to get caught?    It may seem pretty dumb on the part of such people to be going out on such affairs and leaving enough clues about them that there can be no doubt that it is such a relationship.  Some…Continue Reading

Confronting a Cheating Spouse

The only way that you will be able to get over an extra-marital affair in a marriage is by confronting a cheating spouse.  Discovering that your mate had not been faithful to you, as he or she had promised when you took your wedding vows, can really be depressing.  You may suffer not just emotionally…Continue Reading

My husband is scaring me with words

Submitted by Delphi. – He is hiding his phone,he is spending less than a hour in the home,weekends also working,in night times he sleeps his friends room. When I’m asking about that he is telling unbelievable reasons.some times he is hurting that time I want to call 911.he is scaring me with the words…Continue Reading

Why does he accuse me?

Question submitted by Pearl – Why does he accuse me? Hi I’m baffled by my sons father/boyfriends behavior, maybe you can help me. I’ve been with my sons father for 5 years now the first 3 years i lived with him and it was literally hell. He cheated on me any and every chance he…Continue Reading