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Is My Girlfriend Cheating On Me?

If you are wondering, “is my girlfriend cheating on me,” it’s a good idea to take a hard look at the facts and consider why women cheat. If you notice similarities between these cheating signs, and your own relationship there’s a chance your lover could be cheating on you.

Women, like men can often cheat for a wide variety of reasons. This can make it difficult to know for sure if your girlfriend is cheating at a glance. Here’s some of the common tell-tale reasons a girlfriend might want to have an affair…

1. She Wants Out of the Relationship – Believe it or not cheating to get out of a relationship is more common than you think. Many women feel that cheating is an easy alternative to get out of their relationship that they no longer want. If all the signs point to her being distant, not returning calls, putting you down, or not wanting to spend time with you, it could be a sign she wants you to break it off with her. Cheating could be a way to give you no more reasons for holding on.

2. Her Desires Aren’t Being Met – This may be a hard one for many men to admit, but have you been neglecting your girlfriend? Like you, omen have preferences that they like when it comes to sex. Providing what she wants and desires in the bedroom and following through with it can help spice up your love life. Many women cheat because they want a sense of adventure or to fulfill sexual fantasies. Make sure you are willing to be the one she turns to for her sexual desires.

3. Availability – Women love compliments and men who pay them attention. Often affairs happen out of availability from a man who is in the right place at the right time and provides them with the compliments and attention they crave. Wild flings with random dudes can provide them with a sense of passion and fill them with self confidence in themselves. Women often choose to have a fling with a passionate man out of convenience and availability.

4. She Wants to Feel Young – Many women absolutely fear getting older. The appearance of wrinkles, gray hair, or weight gain can have them doubting their attractiveness. While some women cope with this by going out and getting their hair done, working out, or getting a makeover, some choose to have an affair.

5 – Revenge for Something You Did – It’s horrible to think, but some women cheat because of some action that set her over the edge. It doesn’t always have to be payback for cheating either. Did you blow a paycheck gambling that was meant for a vacation? Get caught in a big lie? or break her trust in you? All these things can make her want to hurt you. This is just the tip of the iceberg for the reasons why a girlfriend might cheat on you…

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