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Reasons Why Men Cheat

Since ages ago, men are considered the “weaker sex” with regards to issues of infidelity with their wives and partners. Most of the time, cheating results from neglect and hurt. However, there are times when men cheat because they believe they can hide their dirty little secret among themselves. It is thought of that 60…Continue Reading

Spy Devices to Catch Spouse Cheating

If you want to actually catch an unfaithful husband or wife in the act, then spy devices to catch spouse cheating is the best solution.  It is difficult to make a beloved spouse to confess about an affair, but if you have the tools which will provide you with concrete evidence about the misdeed, then…Continue Reading

Wife May be a Cheater

Submitted by Chandler M. Subject:  Worried Wife May Be a Cheater Message Body: I was performing oral sex on my wife and after she had climaxed her comment was “You are the only one that can do that to me”. I thought that was strange and questioned her about it a few days later and…Continue Reading