I Think My Boyfriend Is Cheating

I Think My Boyfriend Is Cheating – sent in by Brittany.

i found a piece of paper in his house with a site called adult friend finder wrote on it an he says his fiend made him write it and when he leaves he dont wanna cal me or text me it takes him a long time to text back his ex girl friend and grls at his school told me he cheated and flurted with them he left me for aweek and wouldnt call or text him made a new facebook ad blocked me from it his ex told me he was talkin to her and ive found stuff in his apartment like a papar wth brittan gramham wrote on it and it aint me he acts differnt around me acts like he dont wanna be around me he looks at other women more than me he went and stayed at his mamaws and sad he was at a higway broke down in his truck and wasnt he smiles when i ask him if he likes other girls and i dont know what to do i need help.

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